The Child City monthly interactive digital magazine for children in the age group of 6-12 years. Global content researched, analyzed and crafted to direct kids to their area of interest – stories, global news, science & technology updates, travel, new discoveries, fables,  activities & home experiments, jokes & riddles, movie & book reviews & more. The e-magazine supplements regular school syllabus by keeping children abreast with other global developments and thereby boosting General Knowledge.

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Top stories of the month: OCTOBER
  1. Exclusive Curious Club Story : Diwali Square
  2. Records & Discoveries – World’s fastest animals
  3. Explaining artificial intelligence to children
  4. Exclusive Video – Tanmay Bakshi, 13 year old Software Wizard
  5. Explore World’s Tallest Statue
  6. Activity  & Riddles
  7. Understand Good Touch & Bad Touch

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  • The book has everything that can keep young minds consumed and entertained. The book is created with the aim of developing a fun filled way of cultivating reading habits in kids. read more

    Shipra Trivedi
  • The child city magazine is a very thoughtful one. The content is curated taking care of all the details. Each and every section is interesting, informative and inspiring read more

    Vidhi Duggal
    Vidhi Duggal
    Author - LUMINOSITY
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